it’s so quiet i can hear the clock ticking 

this is what happens when you get four bloggers in the same room


we haven’t spoken in over a year why did you facebook message me: a tale of suspicion, caution and suspense 




A short little fic that’s probably been done before, not that I care. 


Looks like she’ll finally get that dance. 


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i just spent three minutes confused because i was scrolling on my dash and in between the gay porn spam there was a random post of a sculpture that was getting kissed and i honest to god thought it was just more gay porn so i waited for the gif to move



Hi folks!

So I recently realized that I’m dramatically short on cash, despite working nearly 40 hours a week on top of my university classes, and because of that I have opened up commissions for my writing and editing skills!

What I’ll do:

Writing: Anything. Any fandom, or any original characters. Any pairing/s, or general. Any prompt, setting, world. Prose, academic, online magazine articles. Basically, if you want it written, I will write it. If I don’t know about the fandom/world/pairings you want me to write about, I will let you know and do independent research to  provide you with the best quality I can.

Editing: Again, I will edit anything you wish to send. This includes – grammar and spelling, sentence structure, layout, referencing checks, etc. This includes anything from your general, run of the mill fic to your honours English essay that’s due in 12 hours (please note: Projects will be filled in the order that they are received. If your essay is due in 12 hours, there is no guarantee I will get to it on time. If you NEED something within a 24 hour period, and it is urgent, it will be made a priority and a custom price will be negotiated for speed fills, but I am only one person and I do have outside commitments.)

What I won’t do:

Your homework. Don’t think you can fool me, I’ll know if you send me your essay topics. I have a wonderful essay writing guide that you can use to help write your essays, and you can always send it to me after to be edited.

What things cost:

Writing: I charge $1(AU) for 100 words across all things. To keep things fair, I charge the same rate, regardless of what I’m writing.

Editing: I charge $1.50(AU) for 100 words across all things. Again, to keep things fair I charge the same rate regardless of what I’m editing.

Payment can be made through Paypal. Payments are to be made in advance, or through split payments (half before writing/editing has begun and half when completed, received and approved.) 

What you get:

You get what you pay for.

If you pay for a piece of writing, you will be privately provided with the piece of writing that you requested. At your discretion, that writing can be made available for public consumption, but without your permission, the writing that you pay for will not be viewed by anyone except you and myself.

If you pay for something to be edited, you will be privately provided with both the edited version of your work and a version with track changes so that you can see each individual edit that was made.

Remember, this is a business transaction. If you are unhappy with what you have purchased, please contact me immediately for either a refund or for your piece of work to be redone.

How to get in touch:

Email me at


Inbox me on Tumblr by clicking here or submit your terms here


My Dad thinks I’m famous


My Dad thinks I’m famous


I’m pretty sure I just got engaged to a Brit living in NZ stand by for details

Okay so the wedding is in April, he’ll build our house because he’s a carpentry student and yes, I expect presents.

firestorm89 said: So if Peter did join the family business, would you two be constantly watching over him every time he went on patrol? P.S. Talia back the flippn' waffle off!

Of course we wouldn’t be constantly watching him, he’d have to learn.

Yeah, the trackers we put on him would be constantly watching. 

ss-penguin said: If Peter ever does get interested in the family business do you think he would be the next Red Hood or Red Robin? Or do you guys think that he would make his own identity?

Jason doesn’t want him taking after the Hood. If he was Red Robin it wouldn’t be bad but I think he would probably make up his own identity. 

I wanted to be artistic, okay? 
Close-ups are my thing. 

I wanted to be artistic, okay? 

Close-ups are my thing.